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A quick note about the Oscars. I understand the Oscars are taking a publicity hit this week because it trended old – old host, old jokes, old winners. So what! I like Billy Crystal. I like his easy, often funny, but never mean-spirited jabs at the celebrities. This event is meant as a celebration not a roast. I like the fact that Christopher Plummer finally won an award at the age of 82. And Meryl Streep and Octavia Spencer are no spring chickens who most assuredly deserved their awards. Besides, the elderly old guy (Oscar) nearly had a stroke when J-Lo’s areola winked at us, Angelina’s leg seemed to have no end, and Emma Stone’s vitality flooded the stage. I don’t want to consider what might have happened if we’d had a host like Justin Timberlake or some young rap artist I’ve never heard of. Thank goodness order was restored when a silent film won the Best Picture besting The Tree of Life’s fascinating, impressionistic view of one man’s struggle to define the existence of life and The Descendents subtle, yet complicated, telling of a man’s struggle in the garden of eden when he finds out his Eve has betrayed him. On second thought?


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