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ramblings from a wobbly mind


Embrace is my favorite word. I’ve grown into this word. Twenty (even ten) years ago it would have simply meant a hug and given my nature (I’m not a “touchy” person) make me uncomfortable. As I’ve gotten older I look at that word and I see much more. Certainly, the word is soft and easy on the tongue making it enjoyable to say. More importantly, when looking at the word’s synonyms you find it has no disparaging branches. Each node off embrace has a positive meaning. I find this comforting.

I’ve never been a person of the community – one who volunteers their time to helping others. I’m not proud of this, but I understand my limitions as an emotionally reserved and often unempathetic creature and I choose not to play a part my heart is not in. That doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate the work and unselfishness of others. I do. Their ability to include, adopt, and love unconditionally is an inspiration to me. It’s taken me many years to truly understand the word embrace and hopefully in the near future I’ll also be able to completely embrace it.


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